2014: Setting the stage for making – live!

2014: Setting the stage for making – live!

Katharine Harrison & Clea Broad visited The Framing Salon today to check out the space where they’ll be hosting their Live Making event with artist Emily Shaw this weekend.

Although Clea and Katharine have known each other by reputation for a while, they’d never met before and this is their first collaboration, devised especially for Forest Hill Fashion Week.

Planning magic

The theme’s ‘A trip to the Moon’, but don’t be fooled into thinking that this will be a flighty workshop filled with random experiments. It’s quite the opposite in fact. The designers are producing mock-ups to set the scene for Emily as she constructs the outline of a window display to complement the couture and millinery that Clea & Katharine will create in public view over the course of the weekend. And they’re going out shopping together to make sure that their colour palette and ideas are in sync before they hit the stage.

Get a front-row seat

This is your opportunity to witness the┬árigour, planning and structure that goes into professional creation – to see the whole process from concept through design & execution to final product, and to experience the magic of collaboration in real time. It’s┬ánot a workshop, but you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and learn. It’s free to attend and open all weekend, so pop in whenever you have time.

Click here for the full event information, location & times.

Image & words by Stefan Ferreira

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