Final Call to Arms for Close Knit 2014

There are less than 24 hours to go until the start of Close Knit 2014Pascale Spall & Kareem Short‘s community arm knitting project with a mission to make a record-breaking 120 garments to raise money for girls’ education in Africa.

“All we need is 40 people doing three items each,” says Pascale as she cuts another piece of recycled cloth into smaller shreds of arm-knitting-ready thread. “And we already have over 60 people on our mailing list, with more still signed up in the high street shops – so this will be a breeze over 24 hours right?”

Up-cycled fashion

I find it hard to imagine how these heaps of shredded t-shirts and other bits of cloth and string along with balls of bright-red new yarn (the latter kindly donated by Stag & Bow supplier MillaMia) will be turned into 120 garments, but Kareem & Pascale soon set me straight. This is not about making hugely complicated outfits – they’re going for simplicity, with lots of scarves & the odd bag or two, but Kareem has some tricks up her sleeve to keep things interesting: “We’ll add tussles & other decorations to make them look unique. Come, be creative and make your own crazy scarf!”

Finished items will go on sale at Clothes for Causes on Dartmouth Road, with all profits donated to the One Girl charity supporting girls’ education & empowerment in Sierra Leone. The inspiration for this particular charity comes from a profile of One Girl co-founder Chantelle Baxter published in Frankie magazine. Since Kareem has roots in Sierra Leone through her paternal grandmother, she felt this would be the perfect inspiration for a community charity event.

Open to All

This is about making, but it’s not just for regular makers. Here’s an opportunity for people from all walks of life to get out of their comfort zone, have some fun, feel part of a community & raise money for charity.

You don’t have to spend all 24 hours at Stag & Bow to take part. Just pop in for however long you have to spare. Arm knitting’s pretty easy (so they tell me) so you’ll be up and knitting in no time.

In Pascale’s words: “This is low tech, eco friendly, instant, for a good cause and ultimately empowering. We have snacks & refreshments supplied by local restaurant The Hill and there’s going to be a great community atmosphere – so come and give it a try.”

Click here to read more, sign up or ask Pascale & Kareem a question.

Images & words by Stefan Ferreira

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