FOHO Fash Jams

FOHO Fash Jams

WHEN: 19 Sep 2014
WHERE: Various venues around Forest Hill

Join us for a night for a night of musical variety celebrating the unmistakable style of a different genre in each venue.

Bar hop between different venues and don glad rags to suit the genre of your choice.

Polish music, food & drink
Venue: Aga’s Little Deli
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Drinks promo & live 80s/90s music
Venue: All Inn One
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Funk, soul & disco
Venue: Sylvan Post
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60s & 70s blues/rock with drinks promotion
Venue: The Hob
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60s music with themed menu
Venue: The Hill
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Main photo from FHFW Feb 2013; shows the Haywood Sisters. Photo by Daniel & Sara Communications Ltd.

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